CNC Lazer Cutting
We are faster with our 2 fiber laser cutting systems...

- 3 KW 2000x4000
- 1 KW 1500x3000

Laser cutting sheet metal to 20 mm

Comparing to some hot ways of metal cutting, CNC laser processes quicker with higher quality and accurate measures under the 90' angle, it does not require any additional lathe cleaning. Thereby we provide you, dear Customers, with qualitative services in time.


CNC Plasma Cutting
CNC Cutting to 300 mm

We can cut 2000x6000 size of sheet soft steel with out 260 A CNC Plasma cutting machine

Comparing to laser cutting, CNC plasma cutting is not that delicate but it gives an oppotrunity to process larger metal sheets and it is a more economical cutting system. This system presents you the opportunities of quick and qualitative cut at the same time.


CNC Press Brakes and Guillotine
5 piece CNC Press Brake

We offer you services CNC Guillotine and Press Braking metal sheets 3106x120 and 4110x240 from 4 m to 12 mm



- MIG - TIG ve Spot welding manufacturing


Electrostatic Powder Coating
Biggest Powder Coating Facility of the Aegean Site of Turkey

Power Free conveyor system, spray surface treatment line, which can change fast color paint cabinet, PLC control system